Maisie Williams' Daisie Networking App Coming To Android

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has created an iOS networking app for creatives, called Daisie, and will reportedly be bringing it to Android at some point in the near future. To be specific, Williams mentioned that it would be coming "in good time," which would highly suggest the plans to port it over to Android are in the works, if not already well on the way. The app is meant to connect creatives across all levels and mediums, so amateur filmmakers can network with top producers, for example. This isn't just a glorified social network, however; it has a number of differentiating features, and is meant, in part, to help creatives showcase their work.

One of the biggest ways Daisie stands out from the crowd is in its dual feeds. One feed is for news, events, organizations and other things that a user may subscribe to or want to hear about, while the other feed is for activity originating from connections and friends. Creatives can collaborate on projects, spread the word about themselves and things they're working on, check out and be inspired by others' work, and of course make new friends and bond over their craft. You can even post your portfolio to your profile in the app and hold Q&A sessions, making the app a great way for creatives to connect with their fans and vice versa.

Daisie is hoping to stand out in a crowded space within the mobile app market, and a niche that's dominated by the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook. The key to doing so will be in just how easy it is for creatives to get their work in front of the eyes of people who have the power to line up resources, gigs, mentorship and more networking opportunities for them. The app just launched today on iOS for those who are interested in checking it out as soon as possible. As for its chances of success, only time will tell if it will do enough to attract creatives away from the socially-focused Facebook, the enterprise-focused LinkedIn, or the buzz-operated outfits like Twitter.

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