Looney Tunes: World Of Mayhem Is Up For Pre-Registration


Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem, the previously iOS-exclusive city builder and RPG based on the award-winning Looney Tunes franchise, is now up for pre-registration in the Play Store. The game blends two of the more standard mobile game genres, the turn-based character-collecting RPG and the city building simulator. You'll collect resources and toons to fight against the cloned forces of Marvin Martian, all while building up a functioning haven for your new army. Each character comes in a number of variants, and every different toon you can collect has their own unique stats and skills that you can use in battle. Winning battles will help you build up your city and advance the storyline.

The storyline here is pretty simple in and of itself; Marvin Martian has another harebrained scheme to conquer Earth, and this time it's creating Looney Tune clones to serve as his personal army. Bugs Bunny and the gang aren't having that, so they begin fighting Marvin's forces, building up a town to use as a base of operations, and most profitably of all, freeing their trapped buddies and having them join their army. Classic Looney Tunes characters and variants like Barber Bugs and Valkyrie Elmer Fudd are all here, and you can use in-game resources or real money to get your chance at obtaining them. Toons in your army can be enhanced and leveled up to make them even stronger and more useful in battle, and can be paired up into teams of four. Longtime series fans can expect to see the same kind of wacky antics they grew up with playing out on the small screen, and classic rivalries and team-ups will be revisited.

The city-building RPG genre is a bit of a crowded one in the mobile gaming space, with powerhouse entries like Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire and Forge of Empires leading the way at present. This means that Looney Tunes: World of mayhem has to stand out, and the lovable characters and zany action, more direct than what's seen in the average city builder, help in that regard. Those who pre-register can net a free Daffy Duck-themed swag box, so if you're interested, hit the Google Play button below.


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