LG Will Debut An Exoskeleton Robot At IFA 2018


IFA is right around the corner, it officially starts next Friday, so companies are beginning to announce what they will be showcasing at their booths during the trade show. And LG has just announced that they have an exoskeleton robot that they will be showing off at IFA next week in Berlin. LG is calling it the CLOi SuitBot, and it going to be able to support a user’s legs, giving them more limb support. Obviously this isn’t a traditional robot, like the others that LG has announced and shown off in recent years, since it’s actually a suit that you can wear, but it is a pretty cool looking robot that should help some people out.

According to LG’s press release, the CLOi SuitBot is able to connect to LG’s service robots, so it cane be part of the “smart working network”. These robots will work together in this network to deliver information and transport tools at a factory or job site. This is yet another way that robots will be able to replace humans, but also do jobs that humans don’t want to do. LG says that these robots can also learn on the job and analyze biometric and environment data, so it is able to optimize power consumption. Since these robots do run off of batteries, power consumption is going to be a pretty important aspect here.

LG is going to be at IFA, showcasing this new robot, as well as showing off its other robots which may not be new. But it doesn’t appear that LG will be introducing a new smartphone this time in Berlin. Typically LG would announce its latest V-series smartphone at IFA, but looking at the rumor mill, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Especially with rumors swirling that LG is going to announce the V40 ThinQ later on this fall and launch it in November. So this could be a pretty low-key show for LG, on the mobile side.