LG Brings Alexa, Google Assistant Support To Its ThinQ TVs In Canada & The UK

LG CES ThinQ TV AH 1 6

LG announced today that it is bringing support for Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant to more countries – expanding outside of the US – on its ThinQ TV models. The company debuted Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on its 2018 lineup of TVs which were given the moniker “ThinQ” to brand it with the rest of its smart products. However, those personal assistants were only available to customers in the US. Now, Google Assistant is coming to Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. It’ll be available in France, Germany, South Korea and Spain by the end of 2018. It is also adding more languages to Google Assistant. Now on the Amazon Alexa side, it is coming to Australia and Canada.

With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you’ll be able to control different smart home products using your remote. You can ask your TV what the weather is like – instead of watching the news until it pops up – and so much more. Unlike a Google Home speaker, the Google Assistant is not always-listening on these TVs. You will need to press the microphone on the remote to begin speaking to Google, but that also means you don’t need to say “OK Google” or “Hey Google” as you already have Google Assistant’s attention. The same goes for Amazon Alexa, it is not always listening either.

LG is the first TV manufacturer to bring Google Assistant onto a non-Android TV set. LG’s TV’s are still running on webOS, which is a fine operating system, but it means that it had to work closely with Google to bring the Google Assistant over to its line of TVs. It’s a great option for LG TV owners though, as they can simply ask Google, or Alexa, to start playing a TV show or a movie right on their TV without having to surf through Netflix to find the show they want to watch.