Kroger & Nuro Announce Autonomous Grocery Delivery For Scottsdale, AZ

Nuro 8

Kroger and Nuro today announced its first market for its pilot program of delivery groceries using self-driving vehicles. Those living in Scottsdale, Arizona – just outside of Phoenix – will be the first to experience this new program. Kroger had announced this partnership between the two companies, earlier this summer. And now it has decided where it wants to start this program. It will be using Nuro’s robots to deliver groceries to their curb, using its self-driving Toyota Prius’.

Currently, this is going to be available at one location in Scottsdale. It’s the Fry’s at 7770 East McDowell Road, and customers will be able to start placing delivery orders today – Thursday, August 16. Users can shop online using Fry’s website, or through its mobile app. The way it works is pretty simple. Add everything you want to your cart, then you will pick a slot for the order to be delivered to your home. You can choose same-day or next-day delivery, and the delivery fee will be $5.95 no matter how large or small your delivery actually is. There’s no minimum on the orders either.

The mayor of Scottsdale, Jim Lane, stated that “Scottsdale is proud to be the home of Kroger and Nuro’s partnership. We welcome innovative technology that can benefit the lives of Scottsdale residents.” Depending on how well this pilot turns out, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Kroger and Nuro move this to other Fry’s locations in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. While Nuro is using the Toyota Prius fleet for now, it will begin using its custom-made R1 driverless vehicles in the fall. This could be a pretty good program for Scottsdale, especially since there are a good number of older residents there, that may not be able to drive anymore. And having their groceries delivered is definitely a good thing.