Katana Safety Is A Complete Personal Safety Mobile Solution

Katana Safety Title Image from press image Katana Safety

Katana Safety is a recently launched company looking to offer a complete personal safety solution comprised of an Android app, subscription service, and universal mobile accessory. More specifically, that’s the Katana Arc, Katana 24/7 Response Center, and Katana Circle. Everything centers around the Arc, which is a $99 accessory available in Steel Grey, Pearl White, Bronze, Silver, Magenta, Pink, Vivid Violet, Lavender, Ruby Red, and Ice Blue to match any individual style. That latches onto the back of a smartphone in around 15 seconds via a reusable adhesive, connecting via Bluetooth to provide both silent alarm and a siren for more dangerous situations. The siren is triggered by pulling on a red tab at the bottom of the Katana Arc or by tugging on a built-in wristband that’s wrapped neatly into a groove around the edge of the device when not in use. The silent alarm is initiated by pressing down on the button near the center of the device for around three seconds. That’s recessed to prevent accidental presses and links to the app’s core functionality

With the free Katana Security app installed and linked up to the accessory, buyers have no-cost access to Katana Circle. That’s a group of up to seven contacts that will be provided with the user’s location if they activate the silent alarm. The feature bypasses the Android lock screen so that it works regardless of whether their device is locked down, as long as it’s within Bluetooth range of the accessory. If a subscription is purchased for either $15 per month or $12 annually – $144 per year – the silent alarm will also notify the Katana 24/7 Response Center. The subscription gives buyers access to trained support agents who can talk users through their situation, notify emergency services with location data, and send a text message or call to the Katana Circle group.

The initial goal for Katana Security was to provide victims of crimes such as sexual assault with a ready-to-use self-defense mechanism and an easy way to get help quickly. However, the system is also not considered a weapon and connects via Bluetooth. That means that it’s open to users of all ages and can be used nearly anywhere. A mobile connection is needed for the silent alarm features but the siren can be used in more dangerous situations without that requirement. That opens the technology to a much wider audience ranging from keeping children who own smartphones safe to enabling elderly individuals to get help if they fall or have another emergency. It also works with any device running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer. So it should work on almost any device available.

Katana Safety