InvisibleShield Intros Screen Protectors For The Note 9

By Kristijan Lucic August 10, 2018, 4:57am
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 dropped yesterday, and we’ve seen quite a few accessories announced for the device, well, the latest one in line is Zagg, as the company just announced its InvisibleShield screen protectors for Samsung’s all-new flagship. The company introduced InvisibleShield Glass Curve and HD Ultra screen protectors, which are actually somewhat different in comparison.

InvisibleShield Glass Curve is a tempered glass screen protector, and the company claims that it will provide you with protection against impact and scratches to a certain degree, and it will not obstruct on the design of the Galaxy Note 9. Glass Curve offers a 100-percent clarity rating, says the company, and it also adds that you will not even notice it’s there most of the time. The InvisibleShield HD Ultra offers a glass-like feel, says the company, and it’s also a crystal clear screen protector. Zagg says that the InvisibleShield HD Ultra utilizes self-healing nano-memory technology which is able to heal minor scratches and dings. That being said, the InvisibleShield Glass Curve is priced at $49.99 in the US, while the InvisibleShield HD Ultra will set you back $29.99.

So, all in all, the InvisibleShield Glass Curve is basically a tempered glass screen protector, while the INvisibleShield HD Ultra is a regular screen protector with self-healing properties. Both of those screen protectors are already available on the company’s official website (source link down below). As far as the Galaxy Note 9 is concerned, it is actually quite similar to its predecessor in terms of the design, though it comes with an all-new S Pen, which includes Bluetooth functionality this time around. The Galaxy Note 9 is made out of metal and glass, though its display is curved, so it’s important to get a solid screen protector for it, one that fits perfectly. In case you’d like to know more about the Galaxy Note 9, click here.

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August 10, 2018, 4:57am
Source: Zagg
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