Hydra Leader Red Skull Hits Marvel: Contest Of Champions


Red Skull, the charismatic leader of Hydra and eternal adversary of Captain America, is coming to Marvel: Contest of Champions. He's a tech-type champion with a range of techniques that center around stacking armor buffs and wearing down foes, ultimately setting him up to deliver an extremely powerful final technique to finish off almost any enemy. To play Red Skull is to play the long game when you're up against champions of a similar caliber, but his extremely high stats guarantee that most lower-tier foes will stand no chance at all.

To dive into the numbers, a fully leveled five-star Red Skull with his Signature level at 200 has over 2,300 base attack points and over 28,000 health. His max PI is a whopping 10,350. Red Skull stacks armor buffs to offset his relatively low health and defense, and utilizes shock as his primary means of causing damage. This means that champions who are good at debuffing or resistant to shock are the best way to counter him, but those are few and far between in the roster; shock damage is a near-universal weakness among Marvel Champions. His top-tier special attack sees him unloading the full power of the Cosmic Cube on enemies, and he can use his Signature Ability, Cube Affinity, to harness that power as an ongoing buff. Additionally, he has bonuses when fighting certain other champions, such as a 10% chance of well-timed blocks becoming perfect blocks when fighting Captain America.

Red Skull, true to his class, is a force to be reckoned with in the hands of any player who knows how to keep buffs alive and keep opponents on their toes. His many methods of damage mitigation will ensure that he can outlast most foes, so long as his bonuses are put to proper use and enemies don't catch on and actively work to debuff him. Those who prefer a play style with constant attacks and brute force, meanwhile, need not apply. If you go up against Red Skull, try using Quake attacks to quickly debuff him while staying clear of his debuffing and stunning counterattacks. He's available in the game as of this writing and can be drawn at levels all the way up to 5 stars.


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