Here's AT&T's Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Availability & Pricing

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 AM AH 24

Along with T-Mobile and Verizon, AT&T has now confirmed its availability for Samsung’s latest high end smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9, stating the new phone will become available to pre-order starting today at 9pm (PT). Alternatively, AT&T customers can hold on until August 24 when the Galaxy Note 9 is scheduled to go on general sale, at which point it will be available to buy directly from an AT&T store.

That said, the carrier is offering various deals which are geared towards early purchases so those looking to capitalize on greater savings, might want to pre-order earlier rather than later. For example, AT&T has announced those who buy a Galaxy Note 9 from the carrier will be eligible for a second Galaxy Note 9 for free. If a second Galaxy Note 9 is not that appealing, AT&T will let the buyer swap the second one for a free Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus instead. This is a limited-time deal and one that requires a new line. In addition, the second phone is not discounted at the point of purchase, but will become free over the course of 30 months through credits that are applied to the buyer’s account. AT&T has not fully detailed the pricing information yet, but has stated the Galaxy Note 9 will be available via an AT&T Next installment plan at a rate of $33.34 per month over 30 months.

As well as confirming its availability details, AT&T has also reiterated those who buy a Galaxy Note 9 will also be able to take advantage of Samsung-wide promotions, such as a free pair of AKG noise-cancelling headphones, or exclusive Fortnite in-app perks. While also pointing out those customers who happen to be buying the Note 9 on either of the carrier’s Unlimited &More plans will also benefit from free access to more than thirty live TV channels. Although this last benefit is not one exclusive to the Note 9, but one AT&T offers to all customers on an eligible plan. On a less general note, AT&T also explained the Galaxy Note 9 is the latest phone that works on the company’s first responder network, FirstNet. More information on the Galaxy Note 9, and how to pre-order, available at AT&T’s website.

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