Gravity Rider Steps Up The Classic Trials Formula

Think back to the first time you balanced a 3D motorcycle on a 2D plane, add in expansive tracks and a ton of new features, then paint over it all with a futuristic brush and you've basically got Gravity Rider. This new cycle sim from Vivid Games sees you whizzing around massive 3D courses from a mostly 2.5D perspective, balancing your bike as it flies over obstacles, pulling sick tricks, and using your winnings to upgrade your bikes and buy new ones. All of this takes place in a near-future environment that's more neon than cyberpunk, and has atmospheric music and sound effects to match the mood.

For those not in the know, the game runs on a simple formula that was pioneered by the Trials series back in the mid-2000's. You get a 3D environment to ride a motorcycle around on, in a 2D view. You can accelerate, decelerate, and tilt the bike forward or backward. That's it. Using these four simple controls, you navigate courses and obstacles while doing all the flips and tricks you can muster. This game expands upon that formula by adding new new features like puzzles, giant 3D courses, movable objects in the environment, and even multiplayer racing. Unlike most other games in the Trials-like genre, you can even drive cars and quad bikes, which handle and move considerably differently from the standard two-wheeled dirtbike and racing bike models you start off with. All of those different vehicles can be customized inside and out with a wealth of possible upgrade parts and paint jobs.

Fans of racing games, physics puzzlers and Trials games will find a lot to love here. This futuristic mobile game is essentially all about taking that basic formula and going as big as possible with it, and it does a great job. The environments are beautiful, the music is catchy and immersive, and the rides all handle with a wonderful degree of pop, speed and realism. The game is currently on a limited soft launch in the Play Store, so if you hit the Google Play link below and can't download it, try again later on; it should be available for you soon.

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