Google Play Console Updated With Deeper Actionable Insights


Android developers are getting a new update for the Google Play Console that will make tracking user acquisition figures and other actionable metrics both easier and more comprehensive. The new update centers around enabling developers to optimize their store presence in order to grow organic traffic and garner more installs by providing more insight into their applications' traffic and installations. To that end, the company has begun by introducing a much deeper breakdown of the data shown to developers. First, the Play Console will now show developers not only how many users are arriving at a Play Store listing but whether they got there by searching or by exploring. Those are categorized separately from user actions such as clicking through to the listing on the storefront's homepage, through a category list, or a related app. Each also shows metrics for conversion rates and installs.

Under the search category, developers will also be able to click through to see which search terms are landing Android users at an app's page. That's in addition to more information about which search terms typically led to more installations after the user arrived. Moreover, the overall breakdown will now count users who saw an app preview – an expanded listing with screenshots and other media as well as ratings and reviews – and how many installed an app afterward. Those will be counted in 'listing views' however, so Android developers should note that any changes to that count this month could be influenced by the change.

Developers will be able to use the new metrics offered by the Google Play Console to make several key adjustments and optimizations. First, the update will provide a better idea of how users are finding their application, allowing searchability and other similar aspects of their app listings to be optimized. Seeing which search terms lead to installs, on the other hand, will enable developers to put more focus and emphasis on the terms users actually associate with the application. Meanwhile, data about user preview visits may deliver insights into whether or not an app's media or description needs to be updated or are appropriately representing the app. Taken in combination with other information delivered by the Google Play Console, the newly added breakdown should make it much easier for developers to target an audience and increase both sales and installs.


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