Google Home's Market Share Grew 420% In Q2 2018

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According to Strategy Analytics, Google Home picked up a big chunk of the smart home market, closing the gap between it and Amazon’s Echo, but what is even more impressive is that shipments rose around 420-percent in the quarter, compared to the same period a year ago. A year ago, Amazon had around 75.8-percent of the market, with Google at 16.1-percent and virtually everyone else with 0-percent. Keep in mind that the Apple Homepod hadn’t been officially available, as of Q2 2017 – in fact it had only just been announced in the quarter at WWDC. Now in the second quarter of 2018, Amazon’s market share dropped to 41-percent, while still increasing shipments by around 64-percent. Google increased to 27.6-percent, and Apple has 5.9-percent. Alibaba is also in the top five, with around 7-percent of the market.

Google had a pretty incredible second quarter, when compared to a year ago, growing 420-percent, from a little over half a million units shipped to 3.2 million units shipped. This is likely, largely attributed to the Google Home Mini that was launched last fall. Google has been discounting the Google Home Mini quite aggressively, as well as offering it in bundles – similar to what Amazon has been doing with its Echo Dot. And that has really helped Google pick up more market share in the smart speaker space.

Though Google and Amazon account for more than two-thirds of the market right now, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Apple pick up some market share in the coming quarters. As the company is rumored to be launching a smaller and cheaper version of the Homepod. Which would allow Apple to compete with Google and Amazon. Currently, Apple only has the one Homepod, which is pretty expensive, and it only works with Siri and Apple Music, which is likely keeping a number of customers away from buying the Homepod. And soon, Samsung will be jumping onto this list, after it debuted the Galaxy Home with Bixby inside, at Unpacked earlier this month.