'Google Coach' Health & Fitness App Coming To Wearables: Report

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Google is working on a new wearable app meant to serve as a digital health and fitness assistant with a provisional name of “Google Coach,” Android Police reports, citing no particular sources. The Alphabet-owned company is currently said to be prioritizing Wear OS devices, though the app will also offer a degree of smartphone functionality, but it’s still unclear whether it will be available on Android handsets from day one. As one of the main reasons behind Android Wear’s transformation into Wear OS was to cater to the iPhone crowd, Google Coach is likely to eventually make its way to iOS as well.

The people in charge of the project reportedly think Google Coach could be ported to Google Home, Android TV, and other platforms following its initial rollout, though its full set of features is likely to only be available to owners of compatible wearables that can actually track their health indicators and performance metrics, feeding that data into the app for in-depth analysis. The Mountain View, California-based firm already offers a digital health and fitness app in the form of Google Fit, though it’s still unclear whether Google Coach is meant to replace it, serve as its rebrand deliver in the form of an update, or co-exist with it.

Internally referred to as “Project Wooden,” Google Coach’s name may still end up being changed before the app is launched and the sheer volume of features that the company is currently said to be considering but still hasn’t implemented suggests the service remains in a relatively early phase of development and likely won’t be ready for launch in time for the rumored debut of Pixel-series smartwatches that are expected to arrive in early October. The app itself is said to be a combination of a traditional fitness tracker and a digital health coach reminding and encouraging users to stay fit by sending them motivational messages and recommending workouts, as well as delivering more general nutrition and lifestyle tips. In terms of the former, Google Coach will reportedly be able to generate detailed eating plans with recipes based on the type of food you preferred and your (lack of) ability to cook on a regular basis.


A degree of Calendar integration may also be a possibility, allowing the app to leverage its artificial intelligence backend in order to determine the number of meals and other activities it needs to plan for you. The notifications delivered by Google Coach are also meant to be delivered in a bundled manner so that the risk of spamming users is minimized, as per the same source. Google’s software development M.O. suggests the upcoming app will be beta-tested before a wider release, with future owners of the company’s rumored Pixel watchers being the likeliest candidates to be eligible for participation in that experiment.