Galaxy Note 9 Infographic Touts Major Improvements Over Note 8

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Samsung on Thursday officially announced the Galaxy Note 9 following months of anticipation, with the South Korean tech giant claiming its latest Android flagship is a major improvement over the 2017 Galaxy Note 8 even if the two look extremely similar. To that end, Samsung also released an infographic that can be seen below and is meant to illustrate every key difference between the two devices, with the main point it’s trying to make being that the Galaxy Note 9 is a device worth upgrading to.

The display panel of the new handset boasts a 6.4-inch diagonal as opposed to the 6.3-inch screen found on the 2017 model, with the QHD+ resolution and an 18.5:9 aspect ratio still being part of the package which now has a slightly lower image density of 516ppi instead of 512ppi. The dual-camera setup found on the back of the Galaxy Note 9 is also significantly more capable due to the inclusion of a variable-aperture lens but that was already expected given how this is the exact same system that already debuted on the Galaxy S9 Plus, even though Samsung is now also supporting it with additional artificial intelligence capabilities meant to allow for more accurate scene and subject recognition.

Besides the expected annual upgrade in the chip department, Samsung is also quick to point out that the Galaxy Note 9 offers up to 8GB of RAM and between 128GB and 512GB of storage space, a significant improvement over the Galaxy Note 8 which had a maximum of 6GB of RAM and 256GB of flash memory. Another significant upgrade is noticeable in the battery department, with the Galaxy Note 9 featuring a 4,000mAh cell instead of a 3,300mAh unit, as well as Intelligent Scan, a biometric feature that combines facial recognition with iris scanning for authentication that’s both quicker and more secure. The Galaxy Note 9 will be available for pre-orders on a global level within the next 24 hours, starting at approximately $999. Samsung will be releasing the device through its retail outlets and partners on August 24.