Free Samsung Adapter Fixes Gear VR, Note 9 Incompatibility

Samsung Gear VR 2017 AH NS 05

Samsung is now giving away adapters to enable its latest Gear VR headset, model number SM-R325NZVC, to be compatible with its new Galaxy Note 9 flagship phablet. The problem of incompatibility arises from the fact that the new smartphone measures 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8mm. So it doesn’t quite fit in the headset with the currently available USB Type-C adapter installed. The company doesn’t seem to have relayed that that information when the handset launched. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 9 is comparable to the Note 8 in both size and features. It also comes with pre-installed software associated with VR, adding to the confusion. Samsung has solved the problem by introducing an additional adapter to its lineup, the SM-G965U. Details for that are currently listed on the company’s website. With that in place, the phablet should fit snugly in the headset, allowing users to take advantage of the pre-installed associated software.

Getting the adapter at no cost is relatively straightforward and can be accomplished either via chat or through phone support but can’t be done at any retailers for the time being. The former of those methods simply requires customers to log into the Samsung+ application on their Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in order to initiate a chat with customer support. Alternatively, owners of both pieces of technology can call support directly – at phone number 1-800-Samsung. In either case, the serial number and model number will need to be on hand since it’s required to get the adapter at no cost. Samsung doesn’t mention whether similar details about the user’s Galaxy Note 9 are required but it may be a good idea to have those on hand as well, just in case.

After that information has been verified and the order placed, the average shipping time is between seven and ten days. However, it can take up to two weeks depending on when the order is placed and other factors. There’s currently no information provided as to whether or not the ‘no cost’ offer has any other caveats or limiting requirements. Samsung also hasn’t said whether the promotion is limited in terms of how long the offer will be available.