Exclusive Deal: Anker 3-Pack Of USB-C Cables For $10.99 w/ Code

Anker 3 Pack Of USB C Cables Deal AH

Anker is teaming up with AndroidHeadlines to bring you a exclusive deal and great price you won’t find anywhere else! With many new smartphones coming out with USB-C ports for charging, many people are going to need to get some new cables for around their home, and office. Since micro USB was the go-to for many years, and now everything is switching over to USB-C. Luckily, Anker makes it easy to stock up on USB-C cables without breaking the bank. Currently, Anker is discounting the price of its 3-Pack of USB-C cables, bringing the price down to just $10.99. That is good for 26% off of the regular price, but only when you use the promo code ANKERAHL at checkout.

This 3-Pack of USB-C cables are all USB-A to USB-C, so that these will work with your existing wall, car chargers and even laptop USB ports. These measure in at about three feet long, which may sound really short, but that is the standard length for USB cables, and the same length as the one that comes in the box with your smartphone. Most importantly, these cables have the 56k Ohm Pull-up Resistor, so that these are safe to use to charge your smartphone, and you won’t need to worry about your phone overcharging. Whether that be the Samsung Galaxy S9, HTC U12, LG G7 ThinQ or another USB-C smartphone out there. It does support Quick Charge 3.0 (and 4.0) on newer smartphones – although that is almost entirely up to the charger that it is plugged into. These USB-C cables do boast pretty fast data transfer speeds, coming in at about 5Gbps. Now while that is pretty impressive, that is the same speed as almost every other cable out there. What’s important to remember is that the devices that these cables will be plugged into will not transfer that fast. Most hard drives, solid state drives and flash memory will get nowhere near that speed. But it is good to see that these are future-proof. 

Anker has made its USB cables more rugged then some of the other USB cables you’ll find out there. With the PowerLine series of cables, Anker has reinforced them with aramid fiber, which gives them more strength. Anker boasts that these can last a bend lifespan about five-times higher than other cables on the market right now. While it’s still not a good idea to bend your cable, it is nice to see that these can actually take those bends without breaking. And right now, you can pick up three USB-C cables from Anker, which is a good amount as you can have one at your desk at work, one in your car charger and one by your bed at night to charge your phone. All for just $10.99. You can pick up this 3-Pack from the link below, and don’t forget to use the promo code ANKERAHL at checkout.

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Promo code: ANKERAHL