DevolverDigital's Reigns: Game Of Thrones Coming To Android

DevolverDigital's hit Reigns game series is getting a Game of Thrones version, and it's already available for pre-registration in the Play Store. Coming to iOS, Android and Steam, the simple game brings the Game of Thrones storyline and characters to Reigns' simple, Tinder-like interface. Filling the shoes of iconic characters like Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister and Danaerys Targaryen, players will make important political decisions and deal with life-or-death threats to themselves and their kingdoms with a simple swipe to the left or the right. The game will be out some time in October, but pricing was not announced. Given that other entries in the Reigns series all run $2.99, this one will likely follow suit.

For those not familiar with the Reigns series, the gameplay really is as simple as was stated above; you're presented with a character telling you something and a decision to make, then you move the card left or right on the screen to preview things you can say or do. Once you've made a decision, simply cast the card in that direction to make your character speak or decide. The Reigns series normally puts you into the role of a nondescript ruler, but in this game, you'll jump between different characters, each of whom has their own storyline, interactions and possible endings. The series is typically full of twists, turns and unexpected consequences for seemingly mundane decisions, so even those who are intimately familiar with the Game of Thrones universe may be in for a few surprises.

DevolverDigital got an innovation award from Google for the first Reigns game back in 2016, and the dev house's legacy extends beyond even that. Hit PC games Hotline Miami, Hatoful Boyfriend and The Talos Principle were ported onto Android by DevolverDigital, just to name a few. Many of the company's biggest hits have been faithful ports of games created by other studios for platforms besides Android, but it also has a good number of originals games and series to its name across platforms. Some of the games under DevolverDigital's banner, such as point-and-click adventure game Dropsy, were developed by a third party, but published on all platforms by DevloverDigital, rather than being ported after release. The studio's pedigree in the mobile gaming world is hard to deny, inspiring confidence that the Game of Thrones license will be handled well.

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