Dare.Win Challenges Job Interviewees To A Round Of Fortnite


If you're the type of person who needs silence when playing intense games, you may not mesh well with French marketing firm Dare.Win, who has made a habit of seeing if prospective interns can focus on a round of Fortnite Battle Royale while also concentrating on a job interview. Candidates are asked all of the usual interview questions, and their play style is also scrutinized as a sort of personality test, as well as to see if they can multitask and keep cool under pressure. Candidates can ask for a more traditional interview if they want, but the method has proven popular; the company has gotten applications for a Paris-based position that come from places as far-flung as Sweden, Turkey and The Netherlands.

For some background, Dare.Win is a modern marketing agency that focuses on social, viral and most of all relatable content. The company works with brands like Bacardi, YouTube, Spotify and of course PlayStation. It's worth noting that this rather unconventional interview tactic seems to only be in use for filling one type of position. The company is looking to create a team of interns who will go to its main Paris office for six months and learn the ropes, then go on to manage campaigns on a full-time basis. Candidates are asked to add the company on PlayStation Network if possible, and schedule a round, which uses the in-game voice chat to double as an interview. Along with dodging fire and building stairways to the center of the game's damaging storm, players will have to speak to their prospective bosses above the din of other voices in the game, making multitasking and the ability to keep a cool head paramount to interview success.

Fortnite seems to have become a global phenomenon overnight, though it initially released back in 2017. The game managed to gain a worldwide following in the short time it's been out, and has even been at the center of controversy. The game has invaded classrooms, divided console gaming fans, and most recently, made its way to Android, albeit in a limited beta form for now. That move is not controversial in and of itself, but the fact that Epic Games is skirting the Play Store is quite unusual.


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