CD Projekt & Spokko Making Mobile Game Studio


CD Projekt Red is famous for developing the smash-hit Witcher game franchise, but the company is also a functioning venture capital group, and it has provided funding to close partner and mobile game company Spokko to help form a new mobile game studio. The two have worked together in the past, and Spokko approached CD Projekt to ask for funding on an idea involving one of CD Projekt's own intellectual properties. The deal went through, and CD Projekt Capital Group paid out enough to hold a near-complete stake in Spokko. In return for the funding, Spokko will create a new project out of a new studio, but details on exactly how it's all going to work and what the project is are not available at the moment.

Spokko co-founder Maciej Weiss called the unannounced project "far more advanced and ambitious" than the casual mobile gaming projects that he and co-founder Rafał Staszewski were used to working on. Modern mobile devices are powerful indeed, and current CD Projekt Red game franchises, which include The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, hold nearly limitless potential for mobile spinoffs, companion games and the like. Those hoping for a straight port of one of CD Projekt Red's previous games to mobile may not want to get their hopes up – CD Projekt Group President Adam Kiciński said that Spokko approached the larger company with an idea that had "an entirely novel creative angle".

Mystery announcements and moments of foreshadowing like this in the mobile game world are always exciting. Spokko is best known for a number of more casual titles like Save Kitty and the Tiki Totems series, so it will be interesting to see what the members of the small, somewhat lesser-known dev house comes up with when it's essentially given a free license with CD Projekt Red's intellectual properties and enough capital to create whatever kind of game they want. It's worthy of note that the company has previous connections to CD Projekt, and the press release on the matter mentions that the two companies share a number of values. Whatever Spokko's grand vision for its first non-casual game is, CD Projekt's involvement promises to make it worth listening for further word on.

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