Amazon & Twitter Looking To Bring More Sports To Its Users

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Both Amazon and Twitter are looking at more ways to bring more sports to its users, instead of only broadcasting a select number of games each season. This includes bringing out notifications for when games are about to start and when they end. So you can see what the score was, if you missed the game. Instead of needing to ask the Google Assistant for the score or checking your favorite sports app. The reasoning behind this is to bring in more eyeballs, and with cord-cutting being such a big thing these days, that shouldn’t be too hard.

Amazon and Twitter both believe that they are good partners for major professional leagues, due to their global reach. The two have worked with the NBA and NFL in the past, to try and reach more fans, that aren’t just sitting in front of their TV watching each game every day. Richard Au, Amazon’s director of Prime Video Channels noted that “Sports leagues get it. They need to make sure the product is relevant across age groups and demographics.” Amazon is currently experimenting with notifications to mobile devices about different sporting events, according to Au. This is something that Twitter is already, sort of, doing. Twitter does show sporting events that are happening locally, while they are happening, at the top of the news feed. So you can see tweets regarding the event and join in the conversation.

For Twitter, it’s not just about getting users to watch the game, it’s more so to get users to interact more. With sporting events, like any TV show or movie, users like to tweet about what’s going on. Which leads to more interaction and it gets more people involved. So while Twitter may continue to broadcast many different games in the future, that’s not actually the end-goal. But it will get more people using the platform.