Amazon Go Expands, Opening Its Second Location

Amazon Go 1

Amazon Go, the checkout-free convenience store from Amazon, has just opened its second location in Seattle. This new store is located at 5th and Marion in Seattle, and it’s actually a bit smaller than the first location that Amazon opened. This location is 1,250 square-feet, while the original location is around 1,800 square-feet. But it still offers all of the products you’d expect it too. This includes Amazon’s Meal Kits, ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options, as well as other products you may need in a hurry.

The e-commerce giant debuted Amazon Go as a way to get rid of cashiers, and make it easier for customers to come in, grab what they need and head out. Without having to spend time in a checkout line – which can really take quite a while, especially if someone is paying in cash or using coupons. Amazon Go uses a ton of cameras to keep track of who is buying what in the store, and you scan your phone when you walk in and walk out of the store. On your phone is a QR Code that links to your Amazon account. So when you enter, you are basically checking in and checking out with your Amazon account. And Amazon Go will then charge your credit card on file once you leave. If you notice anything off or wrong, you can go back and dispute it at the store. But, Amazon has found that it rarely happens. Making the experiment a success so far.

It’s a bit interesting that Amazon is jumping into the world of creating actual stores, seeing as it has been putting brick and mortar stores out of business for the past 15 or so years. But these Amazon Go stores are really becoming popular, especially in busy cities, where people can quickly pick up something to eat for lunch and get out of the store. Amazon has not said where else they plan to open these stores, but there might be a few other locations opening up in Seattle before they move to other cities.