Amazon Announces The Alexa Auto SDK

Alexa Auto head unit hero feature 2x. CB476016063

Amazon has announced the Alexa Auto SDK or Software Development Kit, which is basically going to open the door to bring Alexa into your vehicle. Amazon mentions that many people already enjoy Alexa in their home, and now developers can start developing for Alexa in the car. Now, Alexa is already available in the car, in several different models. Mostly with Ford, as it has Alexa built into the SYNC3 platform, allowing you to ask Alexa to do things like turn on your lights, or navigate you to a restaurant.

Some of the capabilities for Alexa Auto include music streaming, navigation, local search and calling. One might say that this could be Amazon’s answer to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Since Google and Apple are already in the car, and Amazon wasn’t, it’s a good place for it to be. The SDK here will add automotive-specific functionality for Alexa, and it even has source code and function libraries in C++ and Java. This is going to make it easier for developers to start developing for Alexa in the car. Developers will be able to enable the vehicle to process audio inputs, and triggers, as well as establish a connection with Alexa and handle Alexa interactions. Amazon also says that this SDK works on both Android and QNX operating systems on ARM and x86 processor architectures.

Amazon Alexa has really grown in the past couple of years, and it is actually the most commonly used personal assistant. But Amazon can’t just rest on its laurels, it needs to continue to expand Alexa, if it wants to remain number one. And that’s exactly what it’s doing here. It makes sense for Amazon to expand Alexa to the car, seeing as we all use our phones way to much while we’re driving. Whether that’s when looking for directions, answering a phone call or changing the music. But now with Alexa, you’ll be able to do that with your voice.

Alexa Auto SDK