Alphabet's Waymo Creates Subsidiary In China

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Google, and to a greater extent Alphabet, have been looking to get back into the Chinese market. It’s really the only market that the company is not a part of, and it’s the largest country – based on population numbers – on earth. Which makes it a country that is necessary for Alphabet to be included in. Google left the country back in 2010, but has recently been working on a few projects to get back into the country. Now, Alphabet’s self-driving car division, Waymo, has reportedly set up a subsidiary in the country.

According to the China National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, Waymo has set up a Shanghai-based subsidiary named Huimo Business Consulting. It was established on May 22, and has a registered capital of around 3.5 million RMB. That equals about $508,854 USD. According to the listing, the business scope includes business consulting, logistics management consulting, supply chain consulting, autonomous driving parts and product design, testing and other related services. So it appears that Waymo isn’t looking to actually start building vehicles and self-driving tech in China just yet. Instead, it is mostly doing consulting. Currently, Waymo is listed as Huimo Business Consulting’s largest shareholder and Waymo’s general counsel, Kevin Vosen is listed as its legal representative.

In recent months, Google has been looking to get back into China, with reports surfacing that it is looking to build a version of the Play Store and its search engine that meets the government’s censorship criteria. As many likely know, China takes its internet censorship pretty seriously, and most websites that are used in the West are banned in China, including everything from Google and all other companies under the Alphabet umbrella. Which is the main reason Google left the country back in 2010, but it does still have a couple of offices in the country, as well as some websites that are still up and running.