AirSelfie2 Goes On Sale At Amazon, B&H Photo & Other Retailers For $199


The AirSelfie2 is now on sale. You can pick up the pocket-sized drone for just $199 from Amazon, B&H Photo and a few other retailers. The AirSelfie2 was announced at CES earlier this year, and of course, earned many awards. It is a pocket-sized drone that also has a 12-megapixel camera that can take selfies, and videos. There’s a 400mAh capacity battery included in the AirSelfie2, which provides around five minutes of flight time. Obviously, that’s a pretty short flight time, but with drones, manufacturers have to find a happy medium between battery size and keeping the drone lightweight. The larger battery it uses, the less it’ll actually be able to fly, because it’ll weigh more and need more juice.

There is 16GB of storage included in the AirSelfie2, so you’ll have plenty of room to store pictures and videos taken with the drone. This drone weighs in at just three ounces, and is actually the same size as a smartphone. AirSelfie2 also has its propellers inside a cage, so that users won’t need to worry about getting their fingers cut off when they are trying to catch the drone, which does make it safer. AirSelfie’s CEO, Stefano Cabella stated “when it comes to capturing life’s important moments on pictures or video, people don’t want to have limitations. With the AirSelfie2, anyone with a smartphone can get the shot they want with a flying camera that weighs next to nothing and can be carried around in your pocket.”

AirSelfie2 is a pretty interesting drone to pick up. Now because of its size, it’s not going to compete with something like the DJI Phantom 4, which is much, much larger and it also costs about four times the price. The AirSelfie2 will do 1080p video, which is going to be enough for most people. This is going to make a pretty good first drone for a lot of people that are looking to learn about flying drones, as they can crash pretty easily.

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