YouTube Begins Wider Rollout Of Incognito Mode On Android

AH YouTube incognito mode 1

YouTube‘s incognito mode has started hitting a wider set of users after the feature was tested in a limited scope last May. The incognito mode for YouTube works like all other incognito features available on other services by Google: it keeps the users’ search history and videos watched from being recorded. The new feature is now available to download as part of the version 13.25.56 of the YouTube app from the Google Play Store.

As part of the update, a button that states “Turn on Incognito” now sits at the bottom of the account page where the sign out button for YouTube on Android was previously located. Users will be properly notified when they have gone incognito through several indicators including the hat and shades avatar that’s visible at the top-right corner and a bar at the bottom of the app saying “You’re incognito.” It is, perhaps, worth pointing out that although the incognito feature disables the tracking of a user’s YouTube search and watch activities, it does not necessarily prevent employers or internet service providers from viewing those pieces of information. Keep in mind as well that users still can pause the watch and search history in the settings so that users can continue to view video recommendations.

Once the incognito mode is enabled, users may only access the Home and Trending feeds, though they can still choose to briefly disable the feature by hitting that button found at the bottom of the app if they wish to add a video to a playlist when in a stealth mode. Likewise, the app views users as if they were signed out and they will not be able to see any of the channels they are subscribed to. It is important to note that incognito will be automatically disabled after a period when the app detects the user as being inactive. Otherwise, to manually turn off the feature, users have an easy way to exit from incognito through the subscriptions tab, where there is an available button to return back to standard viewing mode. Incognito is a popular feature that gives users a sense of privacy when browsing online, and it has long been available on Chrome.