You Can Now Share Pandora Song Cards On Snapchat


Pandora is home to a lot of unique music that you may not find anywhere else, and now you can share your finds on Snapchat instantly by sending friends Song Cards or posting them to your Snapchat Story. The new feature allows you to share a special card that carries the album art for that particular song, among other details. The Song Card shows up for the recipient as a video with a snippet of the song playing. Recipients can let the Song Card go or swipe it away if they don't like what they hear. If they do want to hear the full song, all they have to do is swipe up, and they'll be whisked away to Pandora, or prompted to download it if they don't have it, to listen to the full song instantly courtesy of the app's Premium Access feature.

The Song Cards you can send on Snapchat can work for any song and will use whatever album art is paired with the song. This means that you can share anything from the ramblings of an amateur rapper to an 80s mega-hit that you're grooving on at the moment. When the recipient gets your Song Card and swipes up to listen to the full song, they'll be presented with a 15-second ad in order to use Pandora's Premium Access feature, which is essentially a rental of Pandora Premium. It should be noted that the Premium Access feature works on a single-play basis.  Your recipient won't have Premium Access anymore once the song is over or if they navigate away from it, unless they already have a subscription, just like any other Premium Access session within the app.

This move makes posting your jams on your Snapchat Story incredibly easy, and since anybody who wants to listen to the full song doesn't even need a Pandora account, it makes it easier for others to check out your favorite music, as well. It's worth noting that Song Cards are unique to Snapchat as of this writing, and are the result of a direct partnership between Snap and Pandora. This means, most likely, that you won't be sending or posting Snapchat-style Pandora Song Cards for your Facebook friends or Twitter followers any time soon.

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