Top 10 Android Apps – Bodybuilding – July 2018


Your smartphone can be a distracting, snack-attracting foe in the battle to stay fit and get buff, or it can be an amazing tool. There's a plethora of information on workouts, different styles and plans of dieting, and how to kick your body into gear all around the internet. This roundup focuses on the top ten apps in the Play Store right now that deliver just that sort of information, along with a ton of fun and useful features. Whether you're looking to tone up, slim down, or pack on the gains, there's at least one app in this list that should help keep you motivated and well-informed on your fitness journey.

Home Workout – No Equipment


The first app on the list is a highly rated app that's gotten Google's Editor's Choice award by doing exactly what it says it does and doing it extremely well. This app packs a load of equipment-free workouts for those who don't have time to head to the gym or are looking to get big without spending big. Abs, chest, leg, arm and butt exercises are all on board, as well as hardcore full-body workouts. Shaping yourself into your personal idea of fitness is about as easy as it's going to ever be without spending money on a gym membership or personal trainer, thanks to this free app.

JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App


Unlike the first entrant on the list, this one does more than its name implies. You'll not only be able to log your workouts, you'll be able to get friends in on the fun, analyze your progress over time, access a number of tools like interval trainers and calculators, and even access instructions and HD videos detailing over 1,300 different workouts, both with and without equipment. While the top app on the list will work for anybody and is extremely simple and effective, this is by far one of the most comprehensive apps of its kind, and much like your workouts, requires a bit of work to get going and stay on top of.

Lifesum – Diet Plan, Calorie Counter & Food Diary


This app is loaded with food information and healthy recipes that can fit into just about any diet plan. You can also plan out meals over time, keep a food and fitness diary, and even invite friends. The premium version of the app includes syncing with other fitness apps like FitBit. This one has also won an Editor's Choice award, and is part of the Android Excellence program.

BodySpace – Social Fitness App

Some of the apps on this list may allow you to bring friends along on your health and fitness journey, but this one is all about the social aspect. You can track your workouts, shop, and of course, post and share photos among your friends and the general fitness community in the app. Essentially, this is a fitness-focused social network, and it can help in finding a mentor, finding an accountability buddy, or just sharing tips with like-minded fitness enthusiasts.


My Diet Coach – Weight Loss Motivation & Tracker

Where Lifesum is an encyclopedia of diet and food information, My Diet Coach is a bit more personal and can help you work toward your personal goals and stay on track. It includes motivational features, a tracker, and even allows you to set a personal mantra. This is also the only app on this willpower-focused list that has a panic button, though that's only present in the pro version. There's even an avatar that goes along with a visual showing you how much weight you've lost recently. Upgrading to the pro version of the app will allow you to dress up your avatar, use the panic button for an extra boost of motivation when you're about to cave in, and keep a detailed diet diary with a handy barcode scanner, among other features.

Gym Fitness & Workout : Personal trainer


The title may be just a bit misleading, because this app is useful both inside and outside the gym. This is an app that does many things, and it does them all well. It's a bit more personal and customizable than others on this list, and allows you to keep track of both diet and exercise in one place, with handy guides and tips for both. There are also challenges, training features and calculators on board. With this app, the only thing that will stop you from meeting your goals is your own willpower.

Pro Gym Workout (Gym Workouts & Fitness)


This is an app for the long haul, and it's one with a simple and friendly user interface. It's not a one-stop shop like other apps in this list so far, but it does help you track your fitness journey, and features programs, some of which require in-app payment, that provide a fixed regimen to hold yourself to. Whether you're working out at home or you regularly head to a decked-out gym, you'll find tons of exercises in each program that work specific areas, or your entire body, and they've all got HD video tutorials with professional bodybuilders that you can even download for offline viewing.

Gym Guider Offline



This is another one of those extremely simple apps that does exactly what it says it does, and does that thing extremely well. This one provides a detailed set of guides, usable offline, that cover a large amount of exercises. You'll not only learn how to do said exercises, but when to do them, what they're good for, and what's best to do before and after. The app's entire suite of information is yours to refer to on the go once you've downloaded it, so if you hit the gym when the cell phone bill is due and forget to pay, or if you head up into the mountains to get away from civilization and work out in peace, this is one of the few apps that has you totally covered.

Iron Muscle 2 – Bodybuilding and Fitness game

There's nothing wrong with taking a break from pumping iron to play a mobile game, and if you're going to do that, why not play a game about pumping iron? This game is the most popular by a large margin, albeit in an admittedly limited niche. In this surprisingly deep bodybuilding sim, you'll feed and dress your avatar, strut it around on the beach, and even send it to work and bed, kind of like a fitness-obsessed Sim.

Gym Motivation Wallpapers

Following the instructions in any of these apps to the letter, even the bodybuilding simulator game, will eventually get you buff. The big x-factor in the whole equation is your own personal motivation and willpower. Even the strongest will needs cultivation, restoration, and growth, and that's exactly what this app is for. This wallpaper app will put inspiring quotes and pictures on your home screen, helping you keep your spirit burning when your body is screaming for you to give up, and maybe eat a few pieces of cake.