Third-Generation Amazon Echo Dot Leaks Out

echo dot 3rd gen

Amazon released its current Echo Dot back in the summer of 2016, and hasn’t released a new model since. While it updated its regular Echo and debuted a slew of other Echo devices last year, the Echo Dot was left out. But it appears that Amazon is readying a third-generation model of the Echo Dot, and it may debut ahead of the holiday shopping season. Pictures have leaked out, for what appears to be a new Echo Dot from Amazon. The device shown in the pictures above actually look fairly similar to the regular Echo Dot, but it’s all white this time around, instead of just the sides being white. All of the usual buttons are on the top, and the sides are a bit more curved this time around.

The last few years, Amazon has released its Echo devices around September, which is right around the corner, and likely when Amazon will release this new model as well. The Echo Dot, while it has been out for nearly two years already, likely won’t be much of an upgrade, other than the design. Though it would be nice to see Amazon put in a slightly better speaker in the Echo Dot, though the main selling point of the Echo Dot is to get Alexa into as many homes as possible, hence the $50 price tag, which is half the price of the standard Echo smart speaker.

The first Amazon Echo Dot was released but quickly shelved and replaced with the second-generation Echo Dot in 2016. So while many may think that there has only been one Echo Dot, there were actually two. And this third-generation will likely be the biggest update to the Echo Dot in quite some time. It also appears to be slightly larger than the current-generation Echo Dot, which means that it could have a better speaker, and possibly better microphones. We shall see when Amazon debuts the new Echo Dot in a few months.