The Moment App Brings Pro Camera Controls To Any Phone


Moment has been putting out professional-grade camera lens add-ons and accessories for smartphone photography enthusiasts for quite some time, and now the company has created a professional-grade, full-control app to go with them. The goal of the Moment app is to take full advantage of every single feature your phone's camera has to offer by giving you full and individual control over all of them. While there are a number of camera apps in the Play Store that may boast additional controls or features over the stock camera apps on most phones, the Moment app stands out from the crowd and earns its relatively modest $1.99 price tag by offering granular control over all hardware features, and that even includes dual cameras.

On the software side of things, the app boasts support for a wide range of file formats, and you can switch between JPEG and RAW, two of the most common and easiest to work with, on the fly. You'll find individual controls for ISO, exposure, and even shutter speed, among others. The app features sensible defaults that can produce a good photo in almost any environment with minimal tweaking, and tap-to-focus is on board to help reset values to take a decent picture if you happen to get in over your head with the sliders. Dual camera controls can make bokeh shots a breeze and more customizable than on almost any other camera app, though they don't work with all dual-camera phones just yet. There's also a live histogram option and detailed EXIF metadata available. Finally, if you happen to own any Moment lens kits, you can select which one you're using for automatic in-app optimization.

This app distills Moment's experience in the smartphone photography game into a user-addressable package, essentially. Seasoned photography buffs will love the abundance, independence and precision of the available controls, while newbies and casual users will find the defaults provide much better shots than most stock camera apps, and using the default values for videos allows them to shift values around in real time as the video is being shot, resulting in crisp picture that adapts to whatever's going on. The ten-minute video below shows that off by following two members of the Moment team through a day-long vlog shot entirely in the Moment app, save for a quick blurb made with a professional camera.


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