Tempow's Bluetooth Audio Solution Coming To TVs & STBs


Tempow today unveiled its latest software solution, Tempow Audio Profile TV (TAP TV). The premise behind TAP TV is fairly simple as Tempow wants television users to experience a more varied and supported Bluetooth listening experience, and some of the features Tempow expects to offer with TAP TV include BYO Surround Sound, a customized EQ, multi-language support, and more.

While Bluetooth-enabled TVs and set-top boxes (STBs) are already capable of connecting to a Bluetooth speaker, TAP TV is primarily intended to provide these devices with the support necessary for them to connect to more than one Bluetooth speaker at the same time. Which is where the BYO Surround Sound comes in as this solution will effectively allow TV and STB owners the ability to group together different speakers to create their own and custom surround sound setup – all through the same primary connection the user would make if using just one speaker. In spite of this being a software solution that could greatly benefit the end user, it's one Tempow is aiming at the manufacturer side so this will need to be included on devices at either the chipset or operating system level before it becomes available to the end user. Something the company is trying to make as easy as possible to implement through the creation of a fully ready to use software solution with Tempow stating the technology can be integrated on any TV, STB or smart TV stick that is Bluetooth-enabled.

When included, Tempow has an app available which will look to further make utilizing the technology and customizing the experience simple, including taking advantage of some of the more advanced features such as the customized EQ, and an ability to set two different connected Bluetooth headsets to different volume levels. Owners of the Moto X4 smartphone from Motorola, may already be familiar with this technology and what it offers, as the Moto X4 became the first device to feature the technology. Back then, the solution was simply referred to as TAP although with today's announcement confirming the use of TAP TV, it seems Tempow is now expanding the availability of the technology beyond smartphones – starting with Bluetooth-enabled TVs and STBs.

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