SwiftKey Adds Ant-Man And The Wasp Sticker Pack


One of the biggest mainline features of the SwiftKey keyboard app is the ability to put stickers into almost any conversation, and now users can get their hands on an exclusive sticker pack themed around the recently released Marvel movie Ant-Man and The Wasp. The new sticker pack boasts 18 stickers featuring the two titular heroes, the movie's white-garbed villain, Ghost, and a number of iconic scenes and props from the movie, like a building being shrunk down to luggage size and The Wasp bringing an ordinary salt shaker up to massive size. This pack is exclusive to Microsoft-owned SwiftKey as far as keyboard apps, and can also be found in Skype.

The sticker pack includes six animated stickers and twelve stationary ones, for a grand total of eighteen. One interesting detail is that the pack features two different art styles. Some of the stickers in the pack are drawn with realistic proportions that match the movie, while others, ten in total, are drawn in a cutesy, cartoony art style with short, squat characters and exaggerated actions and facial expressions. The stickers can be used anywhere any other SwiftKey stickers may be usable, including in messaging clients, texting apps, Facebook, or anywhere else image uploads are supported, since that's how SwiftKey's stickers work. This means you can't plug them into Google, use them in system menus or the Play Store, or in any other place where uploading an image wouldn't make sense.

Stickers are one of the biggest built-in features of SwiftKey, and there are a number of exclusive sticker packs, including a pack that focuses on Microsoft and Bungie's hit game series Halo, found exclusively on Microsoft's XBOX and Windows PC ecosystems. For those not in the know, stickers can be accessed via the toolbar in SwiftKey. Simply tap on the plus sign to the left of your word suggestion bar while typing, and the toolbar will pop up, featuring a GIF button, stickers, settings, themes, clipboard, a collection feature for stickers, and a location feature. The sticker button is the one that looks like a paper smiley face being peeled from a surface. Tap on that, and you'll be presented with SwiftKey's full suite of available stickers.

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