Snapchat Now Tests Your Tennis Skills Against Serena Williams


If you've ever dreamed of raising your racket against the legendary Serena Williams, Snapchat is giving you that chance in the form of a 3D Bitmoji AR game. To access the game, first turn your camera around, then find a flat surface. You'll see the AR grid populate, and you can then swipe your lenses over to the right until you finally find the lens with the tennis ball icon. This one will put a tiny tennis court in your view, with your Bitmoji facing down Serena, racket in hand. When all is said and done, you'll be ranked from one to four stars based on how many times you managed to return Serena's raucous rallies.

When you get the court to appear, press the Play button and Serena will throw her first serve. Unfortunately, you don't get the chance to serve. You can drag the virtual battlefield around or change its size with swipes and pinches, while tapping on your side of the court will make your Bitmoji move. Swinging your racket is taken care of automatically, so long as you're close enough to the ball to actually hit it. Serena will start the game off slow, but by the tenth ball, when you earn your fourth star, it'll be fast enough to give a real challenge to virtual tennis game veterans. It is, of course, not possible to win, no matter how many times you return the ball.

This is not the first time Snapchat has used its AR prowess and Bitmoji tie-in to engage sports fans or play games. Normally, games sit to the left of your capture button in the lens menu, which means that this one, being on the right, is a special one and most likely will go away once the event it's tied to ends. In this case, the lens is tied to Wimbledon, which started on Monday, July 2, and will end on Sunday, July 15. Previous Bitmoji sports tie-ins have included the Super Bowl and the World Cup, to name a couple, but this is the first time that a celebrity has jumped on board with the effort and lent their endorsement and likeness to Snap.

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