SleepScore Turns Your Android Phone Into A Sleep Monitor

Getting to bed early is not a guarantee of a good night's sleep, hence the creation of sleep monitoring tools like SleepScore, which is now available for free in the form of an Android app. The mobile service asks you to put your phone nearby, then uses sonar technology to detect how much you're moving in bed and how drastic your movements are. The results are used to figure out how closely your sleep fits the profile of a good night's sleep based on a number of factors, and the different bits of data are put together to calculate your SleepScore.

The app allows you to pick a goal, then track your progress in working toward it. Naturally, it also spits out advice on how to improve your sleep based on what it learns about you using its sonar-based sleep tracking. The rather simple app doesn't do much more than that, but given its purpose, it doesn't really need to. As a caveat, this app does not work with all Android devices, since it makes very heavy use of your phone's audio equipment in order to perform its core function. Those who sleep with a TV or music on may also have issues, though the developer did reply to a comment on Google Play and say that white noise like a fan is perfectly fine. Obviously, things like kids waking up in the middle of the night, nocturnal pets like cats, or bursts of loud noise like ambient noise from your neighborhood or an errant thunderstorm can also throw off the app's tracking.

Apps meant to help improve your sleep are fairly common in the Play Store, but this one is from SleepScore Labs, an authority in the sleep field. SleepScore has a long history of creating devices to help track sleep in a non-invasive fashion and figuring out how best to help its customers get a better night's sleep. If you check all the boxes for a good bedtime routine and hit the hay early enough that you don't think you should feel quite as groggy in the morning as you do, tap or click on the Google Play button below and give the app a try.

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