Select Samsung Soundbars, Wireless Speakers Gain Deezer HiFi

Samsung Deezer 01

Samsung this week announced select Samsung-branded soundbars and wireless speakers now come with Deezer HiFi. This is reportedly the fruits of a partnership between the two companies and will offer owners of these devices access to an otherwise paid-for service, and a general improvement in the sound quality of streamed music.

Deezer HiFi, is a subscription service and is currently priced at $19.99 in the US. For that money, subscribers gain the agility to stream music much like any other service, with Deezer stating its option provides access to more than 36 million tracks. Where the service really adds value, however, is in the quality department as these 36 million tracks are streamed in FLAC quality. Meaning, they are designed to offer a lossless audio quality, and not the compressed quality more often encountered with streaming in general. Due to the newly-added support, this means owners of these Samsung audio solutions will now be able to enjoy a heightened audio experience thanks to the 16-Bit/ 44.1 kHz music streaming, and as Samsung puts it, the ability to “listen to tracks in the quality the way it was originally intended.”

As a rule, Deezer HiFi also includes the company’s “Flow” feature which essentially is a smart recommendation system. Flow tunes in to what the listener listens to and over time gets better as recommending custom playlists that the user might be interested in, based on their listening habits. As this feature does come bundled with Deezer HiFi, Samsung has confirmed it will also be on offer to owners of these select supported devices. Speaking of which, Samsung did not confirm exactly which soundbars and wireless speakers are gaining Deezer HiFi. As these Samsung-branded products are devices that receive audio, owners of a compatible soundbar or speaker will still need to either access the service via the official website or by downloading one of the Deezer platform apps to be able to take advantage of Deezer HiFi. In terms of Android, this not only includes the standard mobile app, but also a dedicated Android TV app – both of which are available to download through the links below.

Deezer Mobile Deezer for Android TV