Samsung Plans To Debut A Home Version Of Its "The Wall" MicroLED TV In 2019

Samsung The Wall Modular MicroLED TV CES 2018 AH 12

Samsung has confirmed its plan to introduce a 30-millimeter thick version of its MicroLED TV called The Wall in 2019, recent reports indicate. The original version of the MicroLED TV is 80 millimeters thick, first announced at CES 2018. The South Korean tech giant unveiled the 146-inch MicroLED TV with such a name to represent its massive size and the ability to cover an entire wall with a display surface for watching and viewing all your favorite TV content.

Han Jong-hee, president of Samsung and head of its visual display business, said the luxury version of The Wall is intended for home consumers. The main tech behind The Wall is the set of MicroLEDs that sit behind the display panel. These tiny LEDs serve as their own source of light, According to Samsung these are much smaller than traditional LEDs while also getting rid of the need for backlighting and color filters, like what you would normally see from OLED screens that also feature smaller LEDs that emit their own light and help display blacks that are deeper than on LCD displays.

Additionally, The Wall is also claimed by Samsung as the world’s first modular TV. While the display unit that Samsung showed off at CES 2018 is a 146-inch model, Samsung suggested that consumers will be able to create a TV that will fit their own personal requirements when it comes to screen size, meaning that it should be possible to have a TV that is smaller than 146-inches, or potentially larger thanks to the bezel-less design that Samsung has implemented. Interestingly, Samsung also demonstrated a 73-inch trial model when it announced its plan to launch the 30-millimeter thick luxury version of The Wall. With that in mind, Samsung seems to be envisioning for The Wall to let consumers customize their TV viewing experience by allowing them to connect as many modules as they like. There’s no word on the pricing just yet, but given the new technology in use, the bezel-less design, and the size, it’s possible that the MicroLED TV won’t be cheap. Han assured consumers, however, that once productivity increases and the luxury version launches, prices won’t likely be as hefty as industry watchers forecast.