Samsung Galaxy Watch Shows Up At The FCC, Confirms Screen Size

Samsung Galaxy Watch FCC 01

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has now made an appearance at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), suggesting the smartwatch is now getting a little closer to its release. As is usually the case with these regulatory listings, not a lot of new information is provided. Although, on this occasion, there is some.

First up, the FCC listing comes with a label (image shown above) which does seem to confirm the wearable will arrive branded as “Galaxy Watch” and not as the Gear S4 as had originally been expected. Secondly, the Galaxy Watch is now seemingly confirmed as sporting a 1.19-inch (30.2 mm) display. Thirdly, there will be at least two different versions – the SM-R815U and the SM-R810. The difference being the former is for an LTE-equipped version, and the latter – a Wi-Fi version. Although there does also seem to be additional sub-models such as the SM-R815W. Versions which support different model numbers for geographical purposes. For example the SM-R815W version was listed with an Industry Canada (IC) certification – which is highly indicative of this being the version that arrives in Canada. On the LTE topic, the listed band support would seem to suggest the Galaxy Watch will at the very least be compatible will all the major carrier in the US. Although that is not necessarily an indication it will launch through all major US carriers – for now, it’s just compatible.

Generally speaking this is the extent to the new information provided by the FCC listings. Although there has been plenty of other details coming through lately from other sources. For example, and in spite of recent Wear OS suggestions, it does seem as though the Galaxy Watch will come powered by Samsung’s own Tizen operating system. Likewise, coinciding with the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9, it has been recently suggested Samsung will launch the Galaxy Watch at the same event, with a view to it going on general sale a few weeks, likely around August 24. If that is the case, it would mean Samsung plans to release its new watch just ahead of this year’s IFA event – an event which typically sees a number of watch-related devices announced.