Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Promos Tease Improved Speed & Storage

Samsung Phone Too Slow Galaxy Note 9 Teaser Screenshot

Mere hours following the release of its first Galaxy Note 9 teaser hinting at great battery life, Samsung resolved to publish two more promos that suggest the company’s upcoming Android flagship will also debut improvements in terms of storage space and general performance. The two clips that can be seen below are unsurprisingly vague in regards to what consumers can expect from the Galaxy Note 9 but they do dovetail with some recent reports and rumors about the handset, adding more credibility to a number of claims previously made by industry insiders.

In terms of storage, Samsung is said to be working on four flagship variants with the Galaxy Note 9 lineup, up from its usual three. The two more affordable models are said to feature 6GB of RAM and offer a choice between 64GB and 128GB of storage, whereas the other pair is believed to be sporting 8GB of RAM and either 256GB or 512GB of flash memory. While Samsung traditionally reserved the top flagship models for its home country of South Korea and China, a market in which it’s struggling to revitalize sales due to aggressive competition, the 512GB Galaxy Note 9 model is now rumored to be coming to the West as the most expensive Samsung handset ever.

Whereas the Galaxy S9 lineup launched earlier this year was introduced alongside a slogan “The Camera. Reimagined.,” Samsung appears to have decided to use the “a lot can change in a day” tagline for teasing the debut of the Galaxy Note 9, with that particular statement being attached to all three teasers it released today. The Android-powered phablet will be officially announced in New York City on August 9, with several recent rumors pointing to August 24 as its global release date. The base model should start at approximately $960, depending on the market, thus having a similar price tag to the one attached to its 2017 predecessor. While Samsung usually announces new Galaxy Note devices in late August and releases them in September, the company is said to have accelerated that timeline this year due to weaker-than-expected Galaxy S9 sales.