Report: Samsung Galaxy S9 Q2, 2018 Shipments Less Than Q1


The Samsung Galaxy S9 reportedly saw less shipments in Q2, 2018 than it did in Q1, 2018, bucking a clear trend for the popular Galaxy S line of smartphones. The data on this comes from a new report by The Bell, which lists the number of shipments for Q1 and Q2, and compares them to previous years.

Basically, the report suggests that in Q1, 2018 Samsung managed to ship 10.2 million Galaxy S9 units (understood to be S9 and S9 Plus combined). By comparison, in Q2, 2018 Samsung only managed to ship 9 million units. If correct, this is not just notable in the sense that Q2 was lower than Q1 on a pure quarter-on-quarter basis, but also that the Galaxy S9 only launched in Q1 and was therefore not on sale for the entire period. Which is one of the reasons why Q2 is nearly always expected to see a greater number of shipped units, compared to the first quarter. For preservative, the same reports highlight that in Q1, 2017 Samsung managed to ship 2.5 million Galaxy S8 units and in Q2, 2017, this number jumped to 18.7 million. The same sort of increase is notable for the previous few generations with the exception of 2016 and the Galaxy S7. As on this occasion the Q1, 2016 shipments were nearly identical to this year's Q1 shipments coming in at 10.3 million. The difference being Q2 in 2016 saw 15.6 million units shipped.

Stepping away from the quarter aspect for a moment and the same declining viewpoint can be applied to the half-year numbers. For example, Q1 and Q2 in 2018 suggests Samsung managed to ship a total of 19.2 million units. This compares to 21.2 million in 2017 for the Galaxy S8, 25.9 million in 2016 with the Galaxy S7, and 23.5 million in 2015 with the Galaxy S6. Therefore, the suggestion based on the data is not only that Samsung has seen a decline quarter-on-quarter for Q2 (for the first time), but also the mid-point shipments are at the lowest they have been for the Galaxy S line over the past few years. Looking further ahead in 2018, Q2 is normally expected to be the best quarter for a Galaxy S phone with Q3 and Q4 showing greater levels of decline. On that basis, it might be expected the Galaxy S9 could prove to be the worst Galaxy S phone in terms of shipments for some years. Something which may very well be further compounded by the accelerated release schedule of the Galaxy Note 9 – which this year results in an August 9 launch date.

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