Report: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Won't Require DeX Pad Or Station

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will reportedly be a much more capable Samsung Desktop Experience (DeX) device compared to any of the DeX-compatible devices that came before. The information on this comes from two independent report by XDA-Developers and WinFuture who both draw on information provided to them by their own sources.

Basically, the reports suggest the Galaxy Note 9 will largely be a self-sufficient DeX device as they will no longer require the use of any peripherals. Specifically, they will no longer need a DeX Station or a DeX Pad to achieve the same functionality. All the tech and capabilities will be included in the phone, and therefore owners will simply just need to connect the Galaxy Note 9 to a monitor. Which will be possible through the use of a USB Type-C to HDMI adapter and/or a cable. This approach will not only lighten the price of using DeX through the absence of any additional required purchases, but it will also result in a more lightweight system overall, affording Galaxy Note 9 owners an easier way to use DeX while on the go.

One of the arguments previously made for the docking station was its ability to act as a means to keep compatible Galaxy phones a little cooler during what is otherwise a highly demanding use case, resulting in the suggestion Samsung has now developed a way for the Galaxy Note 9 to run DeX without the device getting as hot. In terms of padding out the experience to be more similar to a desktop-like experience, Galaxy Note 9 owners will be able use the phone’s Bluetooth to connect additional devices when needed, such as a mouse or a keyboard. As the removal of the station and pad will also result in a removal of the ability to directly connect these devices to the Galaxy Note 9. In other recent DeX-related news, it is expected DeX will come with dual-monitor support. Although these are just reports at the moment, the Galaxy Note 9 will be announced on August 9. At which point all the specs and features associated with the company’s new S Pen-enabled phone will be confirmed.