Report: Huawei Intends To Replace The Notch With A Hole

Huawei P20 AH NS notch

Huawei is reportedly working on a smartphone design which could make the now-infamous ‘notch’ seem like a thing of the past. The information on this comes from a new report out of ETNews which cites “industry sources” for the information, and suggests Huawei’s no-notch solution is simply, a hole. As the design shown in the image below highlights, this is a tiny hole purposely “punched” in the display and included as a means to accommodate the front-facing camera.

While this approach seems a little unorthodox, it would in effect allow the smartphone maker to increase the amount of screen real estate available by fully doing away with the notch. Ironically, in increasing the usable display area, it’s actually removing part of the display. Over the past year and with the influx of notch-based phones, Android has seen changes at the software level to account for the notch, and therefore it would be presumed the same would have to happen for a device with a hole in the screen. Otherwise, users will simply be missing a part of the display when engaging with apps, or for example, when watching a movie. The image also seems to suggest there will be some bezel at the top of the display but only enough to accommodate the additional sensors, speaker, and so on. It is worth pointing out that it remains unclear if the image provided is simply a visual aid and largely speculative. As the report does not comment on this.

Likewise, the report does not provide any details as to which smartphone will be the one to launch with this atypical design, although ETNews does state the device is expected to arrive in the fourth quarter of this year. The only other tangible information provided in the report is the display will be an LCD display, and measure in at 6-inches. Therefore this will be a larger phone. Although, as is the case with most phones in 2018, larger more applies to the size of the display, then the actual size of the smartphone. Something that is even more apparent in this particular case as this phone will largely be all display.