Reolink Announces the Wire-Free Argus Pro Smart Security Camera


Reolink today announced the newest addition to its Argus lineup, which is the Argus Pro. This is a more powerful security camera than its previous cameras, and it is also wire-free. This means that you can put it anywhere you like and not need to worry about running cables to keep the power running to the camera at all times. Of course, the Argus Pro does have all of the features from existing Argus features, which includes the rechargeable battery and the solar panel for recharging is also available for those cameras that you have outside, it makes customers homes more innovative and secure.

With the Argus Pro, Reolink has upgraded its 4-megapixel camera to a 5-megapixel camera that is going to allow for sharper and clearer images, and hopefully better nightvision here as well. The Argus Pro does have a picture-in-picture motion sensor and accurate motion detection. What this means is that you won't be getting notifications when a tree blows around in the sight of the camera, or the wind moves some leaves. Reolink also has high-quality two-way audio here, so you can talk to the person on the other end and tell them to get out of your yard, or something similar. Since this is a camera that can be used outside, it is important for it to be weatherproof, and it is rated at IP65 here, for waterproofing. So it can take some rain and even some snow. Reolink has a 130-degree wide-viewing angle on this camera, so you can get the entire area into the picture and not leave anything out.

As is the case with other wire-free cameras, you can select to only have the Argus Pro record when it detects motion. This is going to save battery life, and allow the battery to last longer in between charges. But it also will allow for the camera to use less footage. Especially important if you are planning to use the free cloud storage with this camera. The Reolink Argus Pro is available now for pre-order for $91.99 from Reolink's online store, which you can pre-order using the link below.

Pre-Order the Reolink Argus Pro

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