Pokemon GO Exceeds $1.8 Billion In Global Revenue

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Niantic Labs’ popular augmented reality game Pokemon GO has accumulated a total of $1.8 billion in revenue across the globe, according to app research firm Sensor Tower. The firm’s newest data also indicates that players worldwide are still spending approximately $2 million on the game on a daily basis. The latest estimate points to a significant increase in the game’s revenue since early 2017 when Sensor Tower reported that Pokemon GO made over $1 billion in gross revenue, with the AR game having reached that milestone in under seven months since its initial global launch, becoming the most successful video game ever by that metric.

The newest report from Sensor Tower also delivers a breakdown of where most of Pokemon GO’s earnings are coming from. According to the research firm, players in the United States contributed $607 million of the revenue, while users in Japan have spent a total of $500 million on the game. Most of the remaining revenue comes from the United Kingdom, Germany, and Taiwan. Sensor Tower also pointed out that the Android version of the game accounted for 58-percent of that turnover, which is an uncharacteristic observation given how iOS gamers traditionally spend more on microtransactions and upfront app fees.

Pokemon GO still lost a lot of its momentum since its initial release in July of 2016. A month after its debut, Sensor Tower estimated that the game generated a whopping $160 million in overall revenues. The game was expected to reach $1 billion in revenue by the end of that year, though a large portion of players gave up on it fairly quickly, possibly due to slow content updates. The San Francisco, California-based app developer repeatedly pledged it will keep updating Pokemon GO for many more years to come, with its ultimate goal being the inclusion of all existing pocket monsters and the series’ popular mechanics into the mobile game.