OnePlus Trademarks Warp Charge, It May Replace Dash Charge

OnePlus X AH logo 5

It’s becoming quite obvious that OnePlus is planning to rename its fast charging technology, and the company’s latest trademark adds more fuel to the fire. OnePlus has trademarked the term ‘Warp Charge’, and even though OnePlus still did not confirm that Dash Charge will be renamed to Warp Charge, that’s quite obvious, as the company has been staying away from the ‘Dash Charge’ branding for quite some time now, though there’s a good reason for that which we’ll talk about in a minute.

OnePlus has applied for the ‘Warp Charge’ trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and it has been filed in a class that represents to data cables, power adapters, cell phone battery chargers, and so on… which more or less confirms the theory about Dash Charge rename. Now, OnePlus is almost certainly planning to rename Dash Charge as it was rejected a trademark application in the EU a while back, Dash Charge naming kind of collides with Bragi’s The Dash Pro and Amazon’s Dash Replenishment, so OnePlus seems to be looking for an alternative name. For those of you who do not know, Dash Charge is OnePlus’ proprietary fast charging technology which is utilized by the company’s smartphones, and it’s amongst the fastest smartphone charging technologies out there, the only one that is currently faster is OPPO’s Super VOOC fast charging which is utilized by one phone only at the moment, a special edition of the OPPO Find X.

As already mentioned, OnePlus did not confirm that Warp Charge will replace Dash Charge, but the company may do so in the near future. If not sooner, OnePlus could do that with the announcement of the OnePlus 6T later this year, presuming that OnePlus plans to introduce the OnePlus 6T, of course. Warp Charge naming hasn’t been granted to OnePlus just yet, it seems, it’s still under examination by the authorities, but chances are that the company will get a green light to use it soon.


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