OnePlus' CEO Says Wireless Charging Tech Is Not There Yet

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Pete Lau, OnePlus’ CEO, said in a recent interview, that wireless charging is not there yet, and that is why it hasn’t been implemented in the OnePlus 6. The company’s CEO said this during a recent interview which was published on the company’s official forums, and in addition to that. Pete Lau also mentioned that the company is on the lookout for improvements in that sector, the company keeps on testing wireless charging technology, and hopefully a proper fast wireless charging technology will pop up.

The company’s CEO said that OnePlus still did not find a solution that meets their expectations for speed and convenience, while implementing such technology also makes devices thicker, and makes them heat during the charging process. OnePlus’ Dash Charge fast charging technology is amongst the fastest out there, but it’s a wired technology. This is OnePlus’ very own tech which does not exactly heat up the phone during charging, but the phone’s charger takes most of the heavy lifting. Qi wireless charging tech has been utilized by a number of OEMs out there, but it’s noticeably slower than fast wired charging, which is what OnePlus’ CEO was referring to.

In addition to talking about wireless charging, Pete Lau was also asked some additional questions. For example, we’re able to find out that the company’s CEO is not able to interact with every single employee in the company, as OnePlus currently employs around 1,000 people. On top of that, he also mentioned that being a CEO of OnePlus is not easy at all, while he also said that he was expecting a better reaction from fans when it comes to the company’s OnePlus X mid-range handset. He said that consumers were really happy with the design of the phone, but that they all wanted more powerful specs on the inside, which is why the company now focuses solely on flagship phones. Pete Lau did also say that the company’s Bullets Wireless earphones did much better than he expected, he was surprised by the feedback from the community. Follow the source link down below if you’d like to check out the complete interview.