NETGEAR Plans To IPO Its Arlo Brand, Priced At $18 to $20 Per Share

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NETGEAR has been looking to spin off its Arlo brand, which is used for its smart home products, and now it has filed with the SEC to IPO the brand. NETGEAR is planning to offer initially, around 10.2 million shares of Arlo, which is expected to be priced between $18 and $20 per share. Additionally, the ticker will be ARLO.

As of right now, Arlo is completely owned by NETGEAR, but the company has been making moves recently to separate Arlo from NETGEAR in a goal to make the company a public one. And now it looks like that goal is coming closer to reality. Currently, there is no date for when the IPO is slated to take place, but it will likely be later this year. Which has already been a pretty big year for tech companies debuting on the New York Stock Exchange, with names like Dropbox and Spotify already debuting, and Sonos also coming later this year. The Connected or Smart Home industry is really beginning to take off, and Arlo already leads the way in smart security cameras, and is one of the few companies that offer wire-free cameras that can be used outside, as well as indoors. So while Arlo does have a slew of competition out there right now, it is leading the way right now, which should mean that its IPO would open up above the expected range of $18 to $20 per share. As we have seen with both Spotify and Dropbox this year, Arlo’s stock could more than double in the first few weeks.

Arlo was first made popular for its wire-free security cameras that can be used with the Arlo app on both iOS and Android. Since then, the company has come out with newer versions of its cameras, including some wired models that work inside. Today, Arlo actually debuted a couple of new products in the Arlo Audio Doorbell and Chime, which should be launching later this year – there’s no price announced for either product just yet.