MIUI Hidden Settings App Offers A Shortcut To System Tweaks


MIUI Hidden Settings is a slightly deceptively named app that can help owners of just about any phone running Android 7.0 Nougat or Android 8.0 Oreo to get into their devices' hidden settings menus. Those with MIUI devices can reap a large number of extra benefits; there are shortcuts for a number of MIUI-exclusive features that won't work on other phones, and some of the shortcuts that do work on other devices will take you other places or be able to do more on an MIUI device. MIUI custom ROMs and PatchROMs are welcome, too, though the app will obviously run best on devices running MIUI natively, straight from Xiaomi's assembly lines.

The app can take you straight to app management and notification management settings in any phone, two areas that are relatively easy to get into even without this app. Battery optimization and app usage time are similar scenarios. The same can be said of Phone info, Developer options, Dessert case and Easter egg. Your notification log is also accessible through the app, and it's a bit harder to get into otherwise, much like the Block visual disturbances menu. From here, we start to run into features that either require playing around with USSD codes in the dialer or are Xiaomi-exclusive. Device information and testing is a hidden menu found through the dialer, where you can adjust your radio settings and other hardware features. MIUI-exclusive features include 3D touch, Hardware test, Terminal test, QMMI, Performance test and Content adaptive backlight.

Manually punching in dialer codes or navigating Android's menu system to find some of these settings can be a real pain, so this app can make life a little bit easier for tinkerers or those with older or broken down devices, even if they don't happen to run MIUI. There are a number of hidden menus on other manufacturer skins or hidden behind dialer codes besides the one found in this mobile app, but MIUI Hidden Settings does a great job of covering most of the basic needs of the average smartphone owner. If you'd like to take a deeper dive into your device without having to root, unlock your bootloader or go through other complicated procedures, hit the Google Play button below.


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