Huawei Files EUIPO Trademarks For Three New Wearables


Huawei has filed at least three new trademarks with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for what appear to be smartwatches. That's because each of the new listings – filed as the Huawei Watch Voyage, Huawei Watch Anchor, and Huawei Watch Unlimited – is accompanied by a Nice classification of 9, 14, and 41. The first of those points to a smartwatch or similarly designed connected wearable, in addition to devices featuring GPS and heart rate measuring components. The latter two patents more directly implicate that the device will center around fitness and outdoors activities. Specifically, the 41 classification denotes "fitness consultations" and "training services."There's not much else to be drawn from the filing and it would be nearly impossible to differentiate between the various trademarks at this point.

However, although speculative, Huawei's smartwatch history could provide some indication of their more general base features. To begin with, it has been over a year since the Chinese electronics giant has introduced a new full-fledged Android-based watch. Given that, it may be safe to assume that the new wrist-borne gadgets will ship with Google's Wear OS driving things behind the scenes. They will also almost certainly take advantage of updated hardware as compared to the previous model. The company has filed a huge number of patents pertaining to smartwatches recently and it's not out of the question that it might use the trademarks for one of those. Among the patents granted to Huawei is one for a smartwatch with true wireless earbuds embedded in the watch frame itself. Presumably, those would be charged by the watch itself. It has also filed protections for a design that could result in the world's first "gaming" smartwatch, complete with on-band control mechanisms. That's setting aside still further filings pertaining to smartwatch aspects such as a more easily adjusted strap, gesture controls, and touch-enabled bezels for navigation.

Having said that, there's no guarantee that any of the OEM's recent patents will be incorporated into the designs for the new wearables. The model names themselves could all refer to a single device and any or all of them might not end up being used by Huawei at all.


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