HTC Vive Team Refutes Recent 'VR Sales Decline' Claims


The HTC Vive team has released a new blog posting which looks to specifically state that recent claims on how the virtual reality (VR) market has stagnated are "greatly exaggerated." This follows on from a recent report which looked to draw on data to show a steep decline in VR hardware sales in 2018.

While the data did focus on a number of hardware options from different manufacturers, Vive was included in the list with the suggestions it had failed to generate momentum or sales recently, while also highlighting what seemed to be an immediate drop-off in sales in June of this year. However, Vive says this is a clear case of not having all the information to hand as while Vive does recognize the steep drop off, it explains this was due to the product actually having sold out. Therefore, it was less of no one was buying it, and more of a situation where no one could buy it following what the company refers to as a "nearly unheard" period of heightened sales. Furthermore, Vive expects this to only be a temporary issue with stock returning to retailers within "the coming weeks."

In terms of the sustained momentum, Vive states that with this being a new technology it does take time for it to launch fully and become a mainstream aspect, while pointing out that now is just the beginning of VR's journey and not the stagnated point the report seemed to suggest. From the company's perspective, Vive argues it has seen continued levels of growth and interest over time and this is something that has been further evidenced by the launch of its latest product, Vive Focus – the company's standalone headset. Noting how it's already the "the number one" headset in China, and how the company plans to bring it to additional markets soon. This is also in addition to the company's WaveVR platform proving to be a hit with its own products and with other third-party options. The overall suggestion being the company's confidence in sales and interest in Vive's products and platforms will continue to be strong throughout this year, and beyond.

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