How Blockchain Based Bitcoin Casinos Are Changing The Face Of Gambling

Bitcoin Blockchain

The blockchain is been used to revolutionize countless industries and casinos are one of the most affected by this new technology. It is an exciting time for gamblers as transparency, automation, speed and provably fair odds are all things that it brings to the sector. It does not just stop there though as new ICOs are been released throughout 2018 that use smart contracts to reward their players. Now you do not have to gamble to win big as you can become part of the house by holding the operator’s cryptocurrency.

#1: Transparency And Trust

One of the main reasons why Blockchain gaming is becoming so popular is due to it providing a platform that is transparent for all. Online slots casinos do not offer this level of transparency and instead, gamblers are expected to trust that the games have been audited along with not been altered in any way. The Blockchain makes messing with the odds impossible and everyone is able to see all the bets to check the system at any point via the public display ledger which providers trust that is unrivaled.


#2: Casino House Edge

The house edge is the percentage of profit that casinos expect to make over the long term of a game being played at their site. The longer a player is at the tables or slots, the more that they will lose due to the mathematical probability. The lower the house edge the better of a player is as it means that they will lose less over the same time frame played.

Casinos have to make a large profit by covering running expenses such as customer service, finance, regulation, security and more. These costs are extremely high which means that to cover this they need to set a house edge to cover this along with making a profit. The blockchain can handle all of the human processes which means the costs are minimal. This saving is passed onto players.


#3: Zero House Edge

By the end of 2018, we will see the first casino sites that have a zero house edge due to running on the blockchain. They are able to do this due to changing the model of how profits are made. Instead of using a house edge to generate money, a limited supply of cryptocurrency released specifically for the site is made available. The profits are generated through the increase in the value of the crypto and no profit is generated from the games being played.

#4. Anonymity


Gambling regulations are in place around the world which makes it impossible for many gamblers who wish to place a bet. Thanks to the blockchain it means that players can play without having to register any of their personal details and can stay completely anonymous. All that is required is a deposit amount sending to a unique address and for withdrawals, the player just needs to enter their BTC address.

#5. Gambling ICOs

The house always wins which is a major problem for gamblers as it requires an extremely high level of skill and knowledge to come out on top. Gambling ICO enables the possibility of gamblers becoming part of the house by purchasing token during the casino’s startup. It is a risk as if they fail you will lose most if not all your money if you do not get out at the right time but if the companies do end up being a success; you will have a very big profit.


#6. New Casino Games

Traditional online casinos all have the same games such as blackjack, craps, and poker. If you want to try something new you need to visit a blockchain casino as they have created unique games that can be found nowhere else. With superior odds and new ways to win, it can be lots of fun along with extremely rewarding.



Cryptocurrency gambling and Bitcoin casinos are becoming big business and over the course of the next decade, the will completely eradicate traditional online casino operators. Once more players understand the advantages gained by using crypto to gamble with, it will help fuel major growth in the sector. If you want to play the best BTC games currently available, make sure to look out for promo codes offering free spins and chips with no deposit requirements. You can then sample it firsthand along with having a chance to win real Bitcoins without making a purchase.