Google's Android Dev Summit Will Take Place On November 7 & 8

By John Anon July 19, 2018, 1:21pm
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Google has now confirmed it will be hosting a new Android Dev Summit this year. The announcement on this came through the Android Developers Twittle channel and states the two-day event will take place on November 7 and 8, 2018. As is probably to be expected with a Google event, the Android Dev Summit will be held in Mountain View, California - at the Computer History Museum. As part of the announcement, Google also confirmed the Android Dev Summit website has now been updated to reflect the upcoming event.

The Android Dev Summit is a curious event as it’s very unlike Google’s other developer-focused event, Google I/O. For one thing, while Google I/O is a big-time affair, the Android Dev Summit is far more reserved, and by design - more of a low-key operation. The benefit of this from the developer perspective is that it’s for more personal event and likely to result in more digestion of the technical content than what might be the case with the big stage presence of Google I/O. As well as an improved ability to meet with representatives from the Android team.

The other curious Android Dev Summit aspect is that it does not seem to be that common. For example, the last Android Dev Summit to take place was in 2015, which stands in stark contrast to Google I/O which takes place each year. Furthermore, the Android Dev Summit in 2015 was the company’s first Android Dev Summit. Whether or not that means the next one will be another three years away remain to be seen, although the gap is a little telling and suggests this is more of an exclusive opportunity that should not be expected as routinely. The same could be said for the event in general as unlike Google I/O which sees a large number of tickets made available, the Android Dev Summit is likely to be far limited in this respect. On this point, Google has not provided any details on ticketing, or how to apply and instead states “registration, session, and livestream details coming soon.” In the meantime, those interested in finding out a little more should head through the link below.

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July 19, 2018, 1:21pm
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